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Alive 3D Art Gallery

Another 3D art photo taking experience.

Address: No.38-40 Jalan DS 2/1 | Bandar Dataran Segar, Port Dickson 71010, Malaysia
Phone Number: +60 6-651 5400

Pasar Malam

There’s an extremely colourful (literally and figuratively) night market on Saturday nights near the town centre, where you can buy everything from fresh fish and vegetables to shoes and t-shirts.

Beach Activities

There are many beaches on the coast along Port Dickson. Leisure activities which are available such as water-skiing, canoeing, snorkeling and wind surfing. Please ask at your hotel reception for arrangements to utilise these facilities. If you enjoy sailing, arrange to have temporary membership at the Yacht Club. One of the best things you can do here in Port Dickson is fishing. But due to pollution and development, the fish stocks in Port Dickson has severely depleted. FIshing is now best done of in a boat or in the kelong. Beach fishing is not recommended unless your are looking for Ikan Sembilang (Catfish).

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Mini Zoo

PD Ostrich Show Farm, it is like a mini zoo with ostrich, camel, donkey, horse, rabbits, goat & many more! Excited to feed those animals with worth it entrance fee. you can learn about ostrich life cycle, some of them are Freely roaming. Friendly staff, explain bout those animals.

Muzium Tentera Darat @ Army Museum

Located near next to a Malaysian Army Camp Port Dickson Based. This Museum is the latest attraction in Port Dickson. Some vehicle and aircraft used by Royal Malaysian Army before is display there. There also a Communist Tunnel.

Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan)

The cape is actually an exclave of the state of Malacca. The Portuguese built the Cape Rachado lighthouse in the 16th century. The lighthouse guided ships to the Port of Malacca. It is still operational today. Go up the narrow spiral staircase and see the panoramic view of the coastline of Sumatra, 38 km across the Straits. The cape is also the stopover point for migratory birds. From September to March, flocks of sparrows, honey buzzards and swifts can be seen here together with hawks and eagles. Walk down the 63 steps next to the lighthouse and follow the jungle trek to a secluded beach. The footprint embedded in a rock, about 50 metre to the right of the track, is said to be that of Hang Tuah, the legendary Malay warrior of the 15th century. Legend has it that upon acquiring innate strength and knowledge, Hang Tuah chose to meditate here. The footprint marks the spot where he first landed at Tanjung Tuan. A well closeby whose cool chilled water is a haven for the tired and thirsty, is also said to have been dug by him. Local devotees have known to pay their homage at this spot.

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Lucky Restaurant

Lucky Restaurant located at Lukut is famous of its Curry Chicken wrapped in a big Bun (Roti). It is very unique and delicious.

Weng Yin Seafood Village

Located at KM15,Batu 9.5, Jalan Pantai,71050 Port Dickson, ? +6012629117810am to 2pm. Serves variety of seafood! There are fishes, prawns, crabs, bamboo clams and so much more. Cheap and delicious!

Restaurant Soon Huat

Located at Jalan Kuala Lukut. The seafood is fresh a, mostly directly catch from the sea and price is reasonable. Recommended dishes, steamed crab, steamed prawns, steamed fish, fishball soup, kung-po mantis prawns, sambal sotong, belacan ferns. The place is quite crowded always and the order takes about half an hour to arrive.

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